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Champion Window Films Specializes in installation of:

  • Frosted & Decorative Films
  • Solar Tints
  • Security & safety Films
  • We provide services to the Greater Toronto Area and surroundings.
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Our Services

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Frosted and Decorative Film

We offer and install a wide range of frost and decorative films.

Frost and decorative films are used to:

  • Personalize and enhance the appearance of your business or home
  • Provide privacy
  • Provide a stylish look to open glass
  • Provide safety in the form of vision strips to prevent people  from walking into open glass (now mandatory for buildings to be deemed safe).
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Solar Tint

We offer and install high quality solar tints.

Solar tints is an extra layer of film installed to glass for the purpose of :

  •  Heat reduction – allowing you to use less air conditioning and save on your electricity bill.
  •  Glare and Excessive light reduction- softens the sun light and cut the glare so you can function in your business or home without needing to close your blinds. 
  • Allowing you to enjoy your view in a more high definition
  •  UV Ray reduction – Most of the solar films we install blocks up to 99% of UV Rays, which are the culprit for fading furniture, hardwood floors and damaging drapes and blinds
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Security and Safety Films

Security and safety film is a thick coating that is installed to a glass to :

  • Hold the glass pane together in the frame to create very good deterrent to burglars
  • Be an extra level of security which actually lessen the chance of anyone invading your premises
  • Keep glass in one piece and avoid injuries in the event of breakage
  • Eliminate the possibility of a quick "smash and grab" theft
  • Secure broken windows in place in order to protect your home and cottages from wildlife and the elements.(ideal for seasonal properties)
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